Decrease Your Annual Healthcare Costs

Premier Benefits Health Discount Card powered by Teladoc is an excellent complement to the health benefits provided by your business or organization. By reducing the need for high-cost doctor’s office and emergency room visits, Premier Benefits Health Discount Card provides demonstrable savings in employer healthcare expenses. By re-directing office visits(Insurance claims) to Teladoc(NO Insurance claim) means a smaller claims history over the course of the year which helps to reduce annual premium increases. Employers can now choose to provide a high deductible medical plan in order to save on premium and supplement with Premier Benefits Health Discount Card. Giving your employees better access to doctors for those common day-to-day illnesses while not having to incur high out of pocket costs. For a minor investment, your employees can enjoy quick and convenient access to licensed physicians, without negatively impacting your bottom line.

Why Provide Premier Benefits?

Lower Annual Healthcare Costs

An estimated 72% of non-emergent medical conditions can be addressed by Teladoc, the most cost effective and convenient way for employees to seek medical care. Saving the average business 25% or more in annual healthcare costs.

Reduce Employee Absenteeism

Employees can address minor medical problems quickly and proactively without leaving, or taking time off work. As a result, this mitigates the risk of an illness progressing to the point where work may be missed.

Enhance Productivity

Offering Teladoc access from Premier Benefits enhances employee recruitment and retention. It drives employee satisfaction as part of your healthcare benefits package, and benefits employees who travel frequently.

No open enrollment period. Premier Benefits is not an insurance plan. Rather, it provides employees with discounts on major medical services as well as prompt access to real-time physician care, and is available 24/7, by web, mobile app or phone.

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